Storage Trailer Rental Includes Options For Every Need

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Storage Trailer Rental Includes Options For Every Need

Storage trailers combine the house and business expanding capabilities of a storage unit with the easy transport of a standard flatbed trailer. This makes it incredibly easy to set up shop in a new location or take a languid approach to a cross-country move. Finding a storage trailer for rent also means a long-term commitment isn't necessary to gain a bit of flexibility.

Trailer variations

Storage trailer rentals can vary from a full-size option, such as a semi-truck trailer, to a moving-style cargo trailer or a trailer offloaded from a flatbed at the site. Size requirements, distance considerations, and frequency of relocation can help inform which type to rent. 

A dry van trailer traditionally pulled by a semi-truck is great for storage of excess business inventory and any goods that may be transported long distances or across locations. Freestanding trailers, such as units transported via flatbed trucks, are designed for long-term rental and easy loading and unloading at different sites. With many offering access to utility hookups, they are a more mobile alternative to fixed storage unit rentals.

The cargo trailers typically associated with moves are available in a wide assortment of sizes and are easy to grab and go with quick connecting trailer hookups. These rentals are a perfect option for household relocation or small business moves when inventory is less of a concern. 

Rental terms

The type of storage trailer rented dictates the terms of a lease. Providers may offer longer-term leases on certain solutions at reduced rates, but others have a price structure designed to meet short-term needs. 

For example, cargo storage trailers used for moves are generally rented on a per-day basis or with weekly terms. While it may be possible to negotiate a monthly rate, costs can add up over time. Full-size cargo trailers for semi-trucks are a good option when renting for a longer period of time, but it is possible to lease a trailer or space within a trailer for a short-term need, such as a cross-country move. With these storage trailers, additional costs like contracting a driver and mileage fees for transport are a concern when relocation is required.

Some trailer rentals are designed for longer-term use and transport across multiple locations. Monthly and annual contracts are easily negotiated, and the rental company will have access to a crew capable of assisting with relocation in a specified area for a set fee. Additional costs can include traveling further or setting up the rental.

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