3 Metal Carport Myths Explained

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3 Metal Carport Myths Explained

Portable metal carports are a popular custom building choice because they are inexpensive and incredibly strong. However, some people hesitate to invest in this type of metal structure because they fall prey to several myths. Read on to learn the truth about these three metal carport myths.

Myth #1: Carports Require a Concrete Slab

You may be reluctant to purchase a metal carport because you mistakenly think a concrete pad is a non-negotiable requirement beneath the structure. Concrete is the substrate of choice because it provides a solid, level surface that more easily drains away rainwater. Traditionally wedged anchor bolts secure the carport to the concrete.

The truth is a metal carport can be installed over other surfaces other than concrete. You can still enjoy the benefits of a carport over grass, dirt, gravel, and other surfaces as long as they accept the proper attachments like auger anchors. These attachments ensure the carport can withstand winds or snow loads.

Myth #2: Carports are Lightning Magnets

Some people believe metal structures like carports are dangerous because they attract lightning. Metal has an unfortunate association with lightning ever since Ben Franklin intentionally flew a kite containing a metal key, but the truth is quite the opposite.

The height of a structure, and not its framing material, determine the likelihood it will receive a strike. Metal does not attract lightning any more than other materials. In fact, metal helps to protect a structure as it allows lightning to pass harmlessly through its frame and into the ground. In areas prone to lightning, your best bet is to have lightning protection already in place at your property.

Myth #3: Carports Have Limited Use

A big myth surrounding metal carports is the tendency for people to overlook their possibilities because they don't need a cover for their car. True, metal carports are great when you need to protect your car or truck from the sun and other elements. However, portable metal carports have so many more uses.

Carports are handy when your boat, ATV, riding mower, or other pricey machines need protection on your property and you don't want to store them off-site. In rural areas, extra farm equipment and supplies can have a cover from the elements. Creative homeowners who are handy with tools like to use the metal carport as a framework for a permanent she-shed, enclosed barn, or other living space for their use on their property.

To learn more about building a portable metal carport, reach out to a local service, such as Wiggins Portable Buildings LLC.

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