4 Traits To Consider When Looking For Student Self-Storage

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4 Traits To Consider When Looking For Student Self-Storage

As a student, you will live in small, shared apartments, houses, or dorms, none of which give you a lot of space for your stuff. You will want to rent a student self-storage unit to have a dedicated place for your things throughout your college career. When you are looking for a self-storage unit to use while at college, there are a few traits you will want to consider.

1. Location

The first trait you are going to want to consider is the location of the storage unit. If you don't own a vehicle, you will want to rent a storage unit that is within walking distance of your campus or that is easy to access via public transportation. If you have your own vehicle, you can venture a little further from campus for a good deal, but you will still want it to be easy to access and not too far away so that it is easy and convenient for you to get to.

2. Pricing

Second, as a college student, you are not going to be rolling in money, so you will want to look for a unit priced at a rate that you can afford. Look for a facility that offers you a move-in special so that you can save on the one-time move-in fees. You may want to look for a unit that offers you a special if you sign a longer contract instead of a month-to-month lease.

3. Access

Third, as a college student, you can have a very unpredictable schedule. You may have all morning classes one semester and evening classes the next, with work and social obligations mixed in as well. With such a busy schedule, you will want to look for a storage unit that offers you 24/7 access; that way, you don't have to worry about getting to your storage unit when it is open; you can access it whenever you need it.

4. Security

Fourth, you will want to look for a storage unit where you feel like the items you are storing will be secure and where you will not worry about your safety when moving items in and out of your storage unit.

Look for a facility that requires an access code to open the gate or get into the building. Look for a facility that has someone on-site working at all times and has security cameras that provide clear views of the entrances of all units. Also, pay attention to the lights. Look for motion lights that turn on when someone walks near a unit. Pay attention to the overall structural integrity of the units as well; units that are well taken care of will be more secure.

When looking for a storage unit as a college student, you will want to look for a unit located near campus that has affordable pricing, offers 24/7 access, and has a secure feeling to it. Having a storage unit can give you more space to store your stuff close to school and make handling all the room changes and location changes that occur during your college years easier.  

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