3 Tips For Renting Short-Term Storage While Selling Your Home

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3 Tips For Renting Short-Term Storage While Selling Your Home

Selling your home can mean making a lot of adjustments so that your home is ready to for photographs and opening up for an open house. If you have a lot of extra furniture, decorations, and other items taking up space in your home, it's best to look into how renting a storage unit can be an ideal solution for cleaning up your home.

If you're only interested in renting a storage unit for a short period while you sell your home, it's best to see what to look for when picking a storage unit.

Find a Month-to-Month Contract

The first thing to prioritize as you begin to for a storage unit is whether there is a month-to-month contract available. Being locked into a long-term rental can frustrate you and can lead to you needing to pay a penalty fee if you end the rental sooner than what's in the contract.

Making sure that you have the storage unit available as long as it takes to sell your home means knowing when you want to sell your home and how long you expect it to be on the market. With a timeframe in mind, finding a storage facility that has a contract you're comfortable with can be a lot easier for you.

Make Staging Your Home Easier

Having your home staged for potential buyers to check can come with some uncertainties over where all your personal items will go. With a lot of sentimental items and a lot of furniture throughout your home, it can be difficult for potential buyers to get an idea of what the home looks like.

By putting some of your things into storage, you can make sure that you show your home in a way that appeals to more buyers and you can avoid the home being difficult for buyers to envision living in.

Only Hold On to What You Want to Keep

As you prepare to rent a storage unit before selling your home, it's an excellent opportunity to downsize some of your things. Since it makes little sense to pay more to have additional storage when you're only going to get rid of some things, you'll need to take the time to sort through everything first. By getting rid of some of your things, you can then move forward with choosing the right unit and putting your things away safely.

Finding a storage unit that will help as you prepare your home for sale can come with some questions over what's going to provide enough room and make sure that everything is stored away safely. With a focus on making your home appealing to buyers, you can feel good about renting a storage unit that has plenty of space.

To learn more, contact a self-storage facility.

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