Renting A Storage Unit? 4 Ways To Prepare For Storing Items

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Renting A Storage Unit? 4 Ways To Prepare For Storing Items

Once you get close to reaching storage capacity in your home, you may go through all the possible solutions with your family such as moving out, adding more storage space, or getting storage elsewhere. After considering the pros and cons of every option, you may decide with your family that renting a storage unit is ideal as it provides an immediate solution without much work.

If you want to guarantee a smooth experience, you should put time and effort into preparation.

Moving Supplies

Although you may normally use moving supplies during a move, you should not underestimate their ability to help out when bringing items to a storage unit. For instance, you can set up door jamb protectors to prevent damage to all the doorways throughout your house. This will come in handy when you have oversized belongings that you must bring through multiple doorways.

Some other things that you should pick up include a furniture dolly and hand truck because they make it easier and safer to move furniture and boxes around. Also, using these supplies will keep you from overexerting physically, which will help you stay precise with your movements.


When you think about renting a storage unit, you may imagine putting furniture and boxes into your own vehicle and taking them to the storage facility. But, a better option is to use a moving van or moving truck that provides you with a lot more space to fit in belongings. Finding a storage company that gives a complimentary moving truck to new renters is one of the best ideas.


If you want to store large furniture, you may like the idea of doing the least amount of work, which often means putting each piece into storage while fully assembled. However, you will find that furniture is much easier to move when you are willing to disassemble each piece. Another way that you will benefit from going through this process is that your stuff will take up less space in the storage unit.

Moving Boxes

Although you can use any boxes for packing items and putting into storage, you should prioritize moving boxes that are all the same size to enjoy the easiest time with organization. Using mismatched boxes makes it hard to stack them on top of each other without stabilization issues.

Following these tips to prepare for using a storage unit will help you avoid problems and enjoy a smooth experience from start to finish.

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