Signs You Need A New Storage Unit

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Signs You Need A New Storage Unit

Self storage units are a great way to manage and organize your many belongings, and can help you out when you're remodeling your home, moving to a new house, or putting another person's items in storage while they're traveling or in school.

Storage units are so popular, there are more storage units in the US than there are fast food restaurants, and most storage unit facilities are at nearly 100% capacity. With so many storage unit facilities to choose from and sizes of units available, you can change to a new storage unit whenever you need to. The key lies in knowing when it's time to get a new storage unit. Here are signs you need a new storage unit.

You have too much open space

How much open space do you have in your storage unit? Your unit should be near capacity in order to be most beneficial to you, so if you aren't using all of your storage unit now, it's worth it to you to change to a smaller space if these storage units are available. If you are renting the smallest storage unit your current facility allows, consider changing out to a rental pod or other self storage solution so you utilize the most of the space you need.

You have too little space

Trying to cram everything into a too-small unit to save money may sound good at first, but if you keep adding to your storage unit, over time things can break or become lost in a giant heap of belongings. Speak to your storage unit specialist to see if you can save money by renting two small storage units or if it's cheaper to upgrade to a larger storage unit to keep your items organized and cared for.

You have sensitive items

Many storage units feature climate controls, so items that are temperature sensitive can be placed in long-term storage with less worry of damage. If you have furs, leather items, paintings, photographs, certain craft items, or other sensitive items that can't get too hot or too cold, ask your storage unit facility operator if they can show you climate and temperature controlled self storage units.

Your storage unit rental should be on a month-to-month basis. Check your storage units regularly to ensure your locks are still on the unit and that the items within are organized like you want them to be. When you get the right storage units for your needs, you get the most value for your investment overall.

If you're ready for a new storage unit, check out a company, like Abes Self Storage, near you.

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