Your First Time Renting A Storage Container: 4 Tips

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Your First Time Renting A Storage Container: 4 Tips

Renting a storage container, which will sit on your land for as long as you need it, is a lot easier than carting all of your stuff down to the local self-storage facility. You can access your things as you need them, and you don't have to rent a moving truck to haul them anywhere. However, there are a few tips you will want to follow when you are going to rent a storage container.

1. Check whether you'll need a permit.

You don't usually need a permit to rent a storage container because it is not a permanent structure. However, there are exceptions. Call your town building inspector's office, and check whether a permit is needed before you make plans to have a storage container delivered. 

2. Make sure you have a solid area for the storage container to sit.

The best place to put the storage container is on a concrete pad of some sort since you then do not have to worry about it sinking into the ground. Many people choose to have their storage container dropped at the back of their driveway. If you have a concrete patio without a cover, that could be a good place, too.

3. Arrange your items carefully.

Once your storage container is on-site, make sure you take the time to pack it in an organized manner. You do not want to have to sort through everything each time you need to pull something out. Put the items you won't need very often, if ever, in the very back. Put the items you are likely to need nearer to the front. Label all of your boxes and bins to keep yourself from having to open multiple boxes and bins to find what you need.

4. Keep security in mind.

Storage containers are typically made to be secure. They have locking mechanisms that are hard to break into or cut through. However, you should still make security a priority on your part, too. If you have a fence, keep the gate closed so passersby can't see or access the container. Consider installing a security camera to monitor the area around the container. Storage container theft is unfortunately common in some areas.

With the tips above, you should be well prepared to rent your first storage container. You should enjoy the convenience of this type of storage container in comparison to the more popular off-site storage facilities.

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