Ways To Get Your RV Ready For Storage

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Ways To Get Your RV Ready For Storage

An indoor RV storage unit will provide your camper with protection from the weather while it's being stored, but there are some things you should do before placing your camper in a storage unit. If you're getting ready to store your RV camper, make sure you attend to these items before you park the camper in a facility.

1. Clean Your RV Camper

First, clean your RV camper both inside and out. 

You'll want to wash the exterior of the vehicle so that dirt and salt (if you've been driving during winter) don't cause unnecessary wear to the vehicle. Washing off the exterior will also ensure that the camper looks good and is ready to go the moment you take it out of storage.

Washing the interior will likewise keep the inside in good condition and ready for your next road trip, whenever that trip might be. 

Cleaning out the interior will also ensure you don't leave any items that you want at home in the camper, and it'll make sure there isn't any food in the camper. You don't want any food, whether a whole item or crumbs, left in the camper because it could attract mice or other vermin.

2. Winterize the RV Camper

Second, take some time to winterize your RV camper properly so that it's mechanical components are stabilized during storage. While you can pay someone to do this, it's fairly easy to do yourself. You'll need to check that the:

  • Battery's terminals are clean
  • Battery is taken out of the vehicle
  • Battery is fully charged and set in a safe place
  • Water is at an appropriate level
  • All fluids are properly winterized so they do not freeze and crack pipes

Your camper's owner's manual will have specifics on how to take care of the battery and water for your particular RV camper model.

3. Contact Your RV Insurance Provider

Third, call the company that holds your RV insurance and let them know you'll be placing the RV camper in storage. As long as you don't drive the RV while it's in storage, you might be able to reduce the insurance policy's coverage and save a little on the policy's premiums. You just need to remember to re-adjust coverage before you take the camper out of storage.

4. Park the RV Inside the Storage Unit

Finally, you're ready to park the RV camper for however long it won't be driven. Park in the center of the storage unit if you have a private unit, as this will let you store other items alongside the walls. If you're using a shared space, the manager of the space will direct you where to park.

To learn more about rv storage units, contact services in your area. 

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