The Do's And Don'ts Of Organizing Your Self-Storage Facility Rental

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Organizing Your Self-Storage Facility Rental

How can you turn a stack of boxes and bins into an organized self-storage facility unit? If your rental isn't easy to access, take a look at the organizational do's and don'ts of self storage strategies.

Do Create Zones

Whether you group your for-storage items by season, room, or any other theme, you need to create an easy-to-find plan. Designate storage zones for each category of box, bin, or other belongings. Draw a basic map of the unit, adding zone landmarks and storage category names. This eliminates the need to walk through the entire unit or go through every box just to find one item.

You may also want to create time-sensitive zones. Items you'll use soon can go in the front, while those you may not use for months or years can go in the back of the unit.

Don't Skip the Labels

Labels are your best friend—at least when it comes to storage solutions. Label every box, bin, or bag in the rental unit. Even though a general word, such as "toys," can help, it isn't always enough. Use a larger label (or multiple labels on each container) and include the name of the items, category, and any other descriptive information.

Do Leave Pathways Open

Can you access the items in the back or on the far sides of your storage unit? If not, you need to create clear pathways. Move the boxes, bins, bags, and furniture into rows, leaving walkways open. Make sure that paths are wide enough for you or another adult to comfortably fit through.

Don't Stack Boxes in Random Order

A vertical box or bin stacking strategy can save you space. But it can also make it difficult to find what you need when you need it. Think about how much you use the items in each box/bin and when you'll use them next. Create time-graded stacks with the items you'll use the least on the bottom.

Do Find a System

What type of system should you use to organize your storage unit? The answer depends on your personal preference. Whether you color-code boxes, alphabetize everything, or use another system is completely up to you. While you may read that one storage strategy is better than another, if it doesn't work for you—it just won't work.

Themed zones, detailed labels, open pathways, and well-stacked boxes or bins can make the difference between an organized unit and one that makes storage feel like work. If your self-storage facility rental is in disarray, take a day (or part of one), strategize, and create the easy-to-access space you need.

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