3 Important Insights When Purchasing Frac Tanks For A Drilling Work Site

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3 Important Insights When Purchasing Frac Tanks For A Drilling Work Site

Frac tanks are pivotal structures used during drilling operations because of how much material they can hold. If you're looking to purchase some tanks for your drilling work site, these tips will help you make the right purchase. 

Select a Condition

You can get frac tanks used or brand-new, and both options come with different benefits. If you're just starting out in the drilling industry and thus don't have a large budget, used frac tanks may be the route to take. You can save a lot of money, and as long as you spend time analyzing the condition of used frac tanks, you can be confident you're making a great selection.

If budget isn't as much of an issue, and if you feel more comfortable with tanks that are in pristine condition, new frac tanks are a great investment. You won't have to spend endless amounts of hours inspecting new frac tanks from top to bottom. Also, they have the potential of lasting a lot longer than used frac tanks. 

Look for Floor-Level Drain Valves

After you're finished with a particular frac tank for a drilling project, the tank will need to be cleaned and drained. This will be a lot easier to do when you actively look for frac tanks with floor-level drain valves. 

Since the drain valves are so close to the floor, you should have no trouble clearing out everything inside. Conversely, if the valves were situated at the midway point of the tank or just below it, you would have to find other means for draining. That would cost you more money and time. 

Make Sure the Catwalk Is Durable

There will be times during your drilling operations when you need to see the contents inside the frac tanks. This is possible when they're equipped with catwalks. However, you want to make sure the catwalks on your frac tanks have a durable construction.

You then won't have to worry about unnecessary accidents occurring around the drilling work site. Durable catwalks are ones made out of heavy-duty steel. Their welds also need to be high quality as to ensure structural stability. 

Frac tanks are extremely important storage structures for the drilling industry today. If you need to purchase some for your drilling site, then be sure to read up on these tanks. After careful research and planning, make competent frac tank investments that work out for many years to come. 

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