4 Tips For A Simple Self Storage Move In

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4 Tips For A Simple Self Storage Move In

Self storage is useful for people who are moving, subletting their apartment, trying to unclutter, or simply those who require more space. Self storage rental is almost always cheaper and easier than finding a larger home to store your belongings. Moving your things into your new storage facility is the most time-consuming and difficult aspect of the entire process. Here are four things you can do to make your move into a self storage facility simple and easy.

1. Investigate online first.

Most self storage facilities have enough space to facilitate same-day rentals. However, before you take all your belongings down to the storage facility, you should first take the time to make sure they have the space required for your needs. Storage units are not one size fits all. Some storage units are the size of a large locker or closet, while others are large rooms you can walk into. Make sure the storage facility you plan on utilizing has the right size storage unit for you. Many storage companies have a website where you can check the current availability of storage units.

2. Take advantage of special rates.

It's not uncommon for self storage services to offer discounted rates for the first month's rent. If you're a new customer, it's wise to take advantage of these offers when they're available. A discounted first month can give you increased flexibility with your move-in date. You can feel free to move your items into your new storage facility slowly, which is useful for people who only have access to a small car for transporting items. Even if your self storage facility doesn't offer discounted rates, you may still be able to have your monthly rent prorated if you move in part way through the month.

3. Bring a lock.

Self storage facilities provide storage units that can be locked, but they don't provide the lock itself. Many storage facilities have locks available for purchase, but they offer a limited selection, and buying a lock onsite can be more expensive. Prepare for your move-in date by purchasing a lock ahead of time. Combination locks are ideal, since they give you the option of having a trusted person access your storage unit when you're indisposed.

4. Consolidate your belongings.

In order to maximize your storage space, you should consolidate your belongings as much as possible. Placing your personal items in sturdy, stackable boxes can help you utilize vertical space. Try not to leave items loose, since this can get messy and inefficient.

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