Aging Parents – Making Room For Them To Welcome Them Into Your Home

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Aging Parents – Making Room For Them To Welcome Them Into Your Home

One of the more challenging aspects of growing up is watching your parents age and lose their ability to care for themselves as they used to. If you have an aging loved one that you're considering moving into your home, there's a lot of work to be done. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you prepare your home to welcome your aging parent into a safe and comfortable environment with you and your family.

Lease a Self-Storage Unit

Chances are, you will need to make room for not only your parent but also the things that he or she will need to be comfortable and cared for properly. Rather than getting rid of all of the things that you'll need to move to make space, you have the option of leasing a storage unit to house the items for as long as you may need.

This is an ideal solution for clearing the home office or moving the guest bed out of the room so that a hospital bed can be moved in. Medical equipment can take up quite a bit of space, and you don't want your parent to struggle to get through a room that is overloaded with furniture and supplies. Moving all unnecessary items out of that room will do three things—make it more comfortable, create a safer environment, and allow for easy cleaning.

Single-Level Living

If you live in a multi-level home, it is in your parent's best interest to try to create a single-level living environment for him or her. Stairs will make things more difficult and unsafe. Think about clearing the home office, formal family room, or the dining room that is only used for holiday gatherings. You can hang curtains in the doorways to provide more privacy and make it easy to revert things back to normal when the time comes.

If you don't have a bathroom on the first floor, there are portable options for you to purchase. You can use the plastic floor mats that they make for under office desks to protect carpeting from accidents in the area. There are even portable tubs that can be used for bathing. It's completely possible to create a make-shift bathroom on the first floor to eliminate the chances of injuries on the stairs.

This can be a difficult time for the family, but it can also be a time for you to create memories that you will each cherish. Hopefully, the tips above will help you transform your home to become the safe, loving, comfortable environment your parent needs during these difficult days.

To get more space and make it easier to move a parent into your home, check nearby facilities to find the right self-storage unit for you.

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